Vital statistics
Title Ichabezzer
Gender Male
Vegetable/Fruit Zucchinni
First Episode Appearance Puppies and Guppies
Voice Actor Rob Paulsen

Jehoaichim Money 💰 Ichabeezer (also known as “Ichabezzer”) is a supporting character in "VeggieTales".


Jehoaichim Money 💰 Ichabeezer (credited by “Ichabezzer”) is a billionaire zucchini of Tampa Bay city 🌃 who owns a pet olive-dog 🐕 named Rooney, responsible for making Junior Jetpack's costume and a grandfather 👴🏻 of Maisy that marks his appearances in the very first fresh 3D animated video 📼 series, ”The Rainbow 🌈 Buddies: All Stories in One”.

In “World of Winners“ as a small boy 👦🏻, Ichabeezer is known for being a whiner and gets whatever he wants, which also means trying to pass school 🏫. Despite this, he became a billionaire.

Is he Mr. Nezzer? Edit

For the new Netflix series, a new character named Ichabeezer joined the cast. He is similar to Mr. Nezzer, but the only differences between the two is that Ichabeezer is more grumpy and has a gruff like voice.

According to the concept artists Elena and Olivia Ceballos, he is a redesign of Mr. Nezzer. The reason for the name change is due to his design being a drastic departure from his previous look (even though it has a striking resemblance to how he originally looked when he debuted in 1995). This is quite similar Witch Lezah from The Looney Tunes Show is a redesign of Hazel, and how both Mr. Persnickety and Mr. Nervous are redesigns of Mr. Fussy and Mr, Jelly.

However, according to Phil Vischer in a podcast, he states he's a different character. The reason being why this happened was because Mr. Nezzer's voice is an intimation of Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmasportrayed by Ken Page, who is African-American. Dreamworks has a policy that characters who have a different race, but are portrayed by white people are not allowed (even though Mr. Nezzer has never been established as possibly being African-American 🇺🇸).

Because his personality is drastically different from Mr. Nezzer, Ichabeezer is a entirely different character, though his design is based after the former.


Ichabezzer is a tall, dark green zuchinni with white hair and eyebrows. He has a stem and a long nose 🤥, which has a wart on it. He is often seen wearing a yellow collared shirt 👚, a red tie and brown belted trousers.


YouTube Poop - VeggieTales 12 Stories in One!Edit

  • A Very Ridiculous Sing 🎤-Along 2: The End of SPOOKINESS??? (cameo)

YouTube Poop - VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One!Edit

  • Duke and the Great 👍🏻 Sphere War!

Filmography Edit

  • VeggieTales in the House 🏡 (debut)
  • VeggieTales in the City 🌃
  • The Rainbow 🌈 Buddies: All Stories in One


  • Ichabeezer's name may be a reference to Ebeneezer.
  • Ichabeezer's voice is similar to Mr. Beet Considering they shared the same voice actors, it's no surprise.
  • He is the first character to be part of the main cast since Petunia Rhubarb.
  • His favorite foods and drinks are:
    • Prune iced tea with a mint and dash of lime.