Jimmy Horace and Jerry Jasper Gourd
Jimmy and Jerry
Vital statistics
Title Jimmy Horace and Jerry Jasper 
Gender Males
Vegetable/Fruit Gourds
First Episode Appearance The Rainbow Buddies: All Stories in One
Voice Actors David L. Lander
Michael McKean

Jimmy Horace and Jerry Jasper Gourd are supporting characters in VeggieTales.


Jimmy Horace and Jerry Jasper are the two identical twin gourd brothers 👦🏻, a 'comic duo' (similar to Tweedledee and Tweedledum from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ") of Tampa Bay city 🌃 who are known for their eating habits, and they usually portray characters with the same personality. that marks their appearances in the very first fresh 3D animated video 📼 series, "The Rainbow 🌈 Buddies: All Stories in One".


They are friendly gourds who share their love of eating and singing 🎤. They are competitive at times, often betting on who can eat more.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Like most of the characters, the two gourds gained colored iris. (Jimmy's green, while Jerry's brown) Jerry's stem has changed to a curly shape vine. They also gained visible teeth and eyebrows, which was something their original models didn't have. Phil Vischer stated that Jimmy looks kinda scary due to his teeth. Both of them are gourds, and they're half identical. Jimmy is short and orange, and has a low (high) voice, while Jerry is tall and yellow, and has a high (low) voice.


YouTube Poop - VeggieTales 12 Stories in OneEdit

  • Are You Day Dreaming 💭? (roof pictures)
  • Dave And The Tiny Meatball! (flashback, cameo)
  • Josh and The Fall Of The Israelites! (flashback, cameo)


  • The Rainbow 🌈 Buddies: All Stories in One


  • Jimmy Horace and Jerry Jasper's voices are similar from "Oswald", "101 Dalmation (TV series)" and "The Jungle Cubs".