Mayor Archibald
Vital statistics
Title Mayor Archibald
Gender Male
Vegetable/Fruit Asparagus
First Episode Appearance The Rainbow Buddies: All Stories in One
Voice Actor John "Michael" Willson

Mayor Archibald (also known as ”Mayor Archie often shortened Archie) is a supporting character in VeggieTales.


Mayor Archibald (credited by “Mayor Archie”) is a proper unnamed snooty British 🇬🇧 asparagus mayor of Tampa Bay city 🌃 who is slightly uptight and eccentric. that marks his appearances in the very first fresh 3D animated video 📼 series, "The Rainbow 🌈 Buddies: All Stories in One".


He is usually depicted as snooty, intolerable of nonsense, or royal. He often plays as kings, geniuses, and authority figures. As of VeggieTales in the House 🏡, he has also become mayor of the town 🏙. 


Mayor Archibald is a tall asparagus who is easily recognized by his monacle. Like most of the characters, he gained colored iris. He also gained swirly hair as Phil Vischer described it.


YouTube Poop - VeggieTales 12 Stories in OneEdit

  • Are You Day Dreaming 💭? (roof picture)
  • A Very Ridiculous Sing 🎤-Along 2: The End of SPOOKINESS? (cameo)

YouTube Poop - VeggieTales Another 12 Stories in One Edit

  • Duke and the Great 👍🏻 Sphere War!


  • The Rainbow 🌈 Buddies: All Stories in One